How The The Hobby Lobby Decision Affected Me

I had probably been growing disgruntled long before the Supreme Court made this decision,

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For those of you who haven’t heard, the Supreme Court just decided that corporations who state at the beginning of their articles of incorporation that their only purpose is to make gobs of money now have more religious rights than you doA.

but that was the event that triggered my first ever effort at political creative expression. It was a short allegory (or is it a fable?), which may be what led to me starting this blog.   Although my faith in the Supreme Court was completely shattered (for the moment), the world has not yet come to an end as predicted.  

Still, for me, this was worse than learning that Santa Claus didn’t exist.   In that earlier instance, it wasn’t that big of a shock. The realization finally came after discovering several aspects of the story that just didn’t add up.   My biggest concern then was whether or not the presents would stop coming once I admitted that I knew the truth.

Now after this latest event, I have to ask myself whether any of our personal liberties are safe, and even more important, was ANYTHING my parents taught me really true.

For example, when I was young I remember hearing about how one person’s rights end when the next person’s begin.   And then there’s the one about how with rights come responsibilities (try telling that to the gun worshipers).   And what about those history lessons. The way I understood it, our forefathers came to this country to get away from other people telling them how and to whom they should worship.   Had they been greeted upon arrival by a delegation of natives assuring them that although the government here could not dictate such things, it could hold you down while you were pummeled into submission by your boss, I’m sure they would have reconsidered.   I believe the pilgrims would have either

  1. turned around and gone home (we have too many immigrants in this country anyway),
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    Do I need to give some sort of signal when I’m being facetious?
    or they would have
  2. used that as an excuse to massacre the current residents and steal all of their land (the American dream, and probably the true motive right now behind Israel’s foreign policy (we may talk about this more in a later article)).

After I wrote my allegory, I showed it to a very small set of carefully selected friends.   Unfortunately, most of these friends were too polite to comment.   One brave soul suggested I was too esoteric. That could explain why I never quite made it as a math teacher.   Their critique is the reason I provide extra notes and footnotes to explain some of my terms and references.   If you are already familiar with the terms, you might want to skip the references to maintain the flow of the prose.   None of my friends even hinted that it might be safe to give up my day job, and so I haven’t.

Look for the allegory about “The Statue” here soon.