I’m Back – Are You Still Interested?

No, I’m not a red-eyed monk (see our last post, Will 2020 See The Extinction Of The Red-eyed Monks?). And just like Samuel Clemens, any reports of my death were exaggerated.   Nor did I run out of material to write about.   The truth is that my day job grew increasingly hectic, and just as we started to get that under control, first COVID and then personal issues began to occupy a lion’s share of my time.

Not all of that has been completely cured, but I will try to commit to at least four posts a year until I finish getting my act together, so to speak.   My next article could be a new idea for how congress passes laws.   Also look for an article about what our forefathers meant when they said we were created equal, maybe some comments about our Supreme Court and possibly other constitutional issues, and probably an explanation of math concepts used/exploited in places like advertising.  To review our previous articles, see https://thesilentknight.info/.   There should be some formatting changes ahead, starting most likely with my code for reference links.

I’ve had to upgrade or replace software, etc. to conform to new standards.   In line with some of those new standards, I need to get you to reconfirm whether or not you are still interested in being notified by email about any new post to this blog.   As part of the changes, all users must now re-subscribe, and those who do not reconfirm their interest will have to be erased from our records.

To reconfirm, fill out the form at https://thesilentknight.info/please-reconfirm-your-subscription/.   Hope to hear from you soon.   Thank you.

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